Once upon a time...

The story begins in Belgium on the right bank of the river Escaut, just outside the gates of the town of Tournai in the year 1231.

Two women, according to tradition, put all they possessed towards the service of the poor, and opened a hostelry. Soon there were six of them and they lived according to the Rule of Saint Augustine.

No prominent personality, no veil of sanctity marked this foundation. Nothing except the faith and the simple service of these few women was sufficient to warm the passers-by at nightfall.

More than 775 years have elapsed, journeying day by day, across the upheavals of history. Soon it will be eight centuries of faithfulness and creativity, listening to the needs of the world and of the promptings of the Spirit. From hospital to monastery - from monastery to the apostolic life...

Today, as an international congregation living according to the spiritual tradition of St. Ignatius, we recognise how much we have been part of and come through this journey of continued upheavals. From generation to generation a tradition has carried us on and invites us to invent the next step for ourselves...

The primitive community went through both crisis and change. To continue the story of this adventure or to know more about each one of the different stages of the journey, click below on the period of your choice:

-The hospital, XIII - XVII century
-The monastery, XVII and XVIII centuries
-The apostolic community, XIX century up until the present day.