"God gives what he is:
we live from his goodness,
discovering new kinships.
Not because our parents
or our blood brothers and sisters
are to be rejected in his Name,
but because God is always multiplying:
he multiplies the bread,
he multiplies our brothers and sisters.
God is a Father, thats everything!
The goodness of God
is a fountain of running water!"


14th October 2018, Sietske and Jessica
took their final vows in Ramegnies-Chin

During the celebration, they were sent out on mission by the Superior General.

"Sietske, you have understood
that obedience and initiative
do not cancel each other out:
go forward in this freedom
you have chosen,
that of giving yourself
without holding anything back.
"Jessica, you like to travel and you have chosen an itinerant life with Christ. I am sending you to quickly join the Christian communities of Madrid, who are preparing to welcome a new stage of the Pilgrimage of Trust. With your sisters, the young people and the Brothers of Taizé, you will live concretely the folly of the Gospel and the suprises of God, letting go of yourself. You will receive whatever you need for the way."
Mid-September, Isabelle and Lorella left for Madrid (Spain)
with a team of young volunteers and Brothers of Taizé
to prepare the next European Meeting,
which will take place from 28th December 2018 to 1st January 2019.
Jessica will replace Isabelle at the end of October.



Whatsapp, Facebook, "apps", smartphones, tablets...
how can you keep up if you're not from "Generation Y",
which has grown up with technology?

At the end of August, the sisters over 70 years old,
helped by Sietske, Jessica and Tatiane,
met together to familiarise themselves
with the vocabulary and equipment of the digital world.

How and why is digital technology part of humankind;
how and why does it transform our culture?
They explored the different possiblities
that these means of communication offer to life and to mission.



our capacity to respond together.

Serving the life of all our communities,
the Council of the Congreagation met together in Ramegnies-Chin
at the end of August 2018.


"The Earth does not belong to us,
we belong to the Earth."

Thomas Berry

"We experience the universe
as a communion of subjects,
not as a collection of objects."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What if ecology was a spiritual movement...?

The Professed sisters of the European Region came together in Ramegnies-Chin
to reflect on ecological conversion, with the help of Ursula King,
theologian and specialist of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry.









"You have not chosen a job,
an undertaking,
a programme.
You have chosen a relationship:
faith is a relationship."


The 2nd February 2018, Margriet Hermans
made her first vows, at Ramegnies-Chin.



"One body, driven by a passion for unity"

Like the disciples of Emmaus,
the professed sisters of the European Region
have looked back over and shared together their personal experiences
on the path towards Christian unity.




"With Andrew and the first disciples,
we discover, day after day,
the joy of freely giving
that which we have freely received;
of offering what we are.

(General Congregation 2017)

30th November, the Feast of Saint Andrew



In London Teresa celebrates her 70 years of religious life,
in Lubumbashi Nathalie and Bertine and
in Ameugny Katie
start their noviciate.

"It is a joy for us to pray, to celebrate,
and to carry the mission together"

(General Congregation 2017)



« Following Christ, we are committed
to a way of life that we wish to be simple,
which opens us to universality and creativity.
Joyful sobriety is contagious.
It leads us to revise some of our habits
and to cultivate a healthy vigilence.

General Congregation 2017



Several sisters have taken part
in different events around this year
commemorating the Reformation of 1517.

"Prayer makes us move from the head to the heart.
And so it is essential,
because it makes us vulnerable to the work of the Spirit:
it is this that breaks down walls!"

Dirk Lange



"Justice, peace, and the safeguarding of creation" and
"Digital culture": two themes
worked on by the capitulants of the General Congregation
which took place in January.
They discerned together
what it is that characterises today their calling
as Sisters of Saint Andrew.



A whole century !

3rd May our sister May celebrated her 100th birthday, in our community in London.
She says that "its a marvel in Gods eyes" and
sings her favourite refrain:
In the Lord I'll be ever thankful,
in the Lord I will rejoice!



Weekend for the Young Professed sisters,
31st March - 2nd April 2017

Weekend des jeunes professes

The Young Professed sisters from our communities in Europe came together for a weekend on the theme of "the mission":

"It was a moment of fraternity, giving us the chance to share with each other our questions, our convictions, and our way of living the mission in community life, in the midst of a changing world. What desire takes us forward?

The weekend also gave us the opportunity to meet together, a precious moment considering the variety of places we are sent to."

Sietske, Jessica, Louisa, Clare, Agnes, Francine



Five loaves and two fishes…
The Word at the centre…
Cards of friends in prayful communion with us…
Since the 7th January, we are gathered together in the mother house
for our General Congregation.
After a few days of silence, our group of 22 capitulants,
with the help of Marie Guillet, move forward in their reflection on the life
of our communities and our missions,
relying on the Spirit who goes always ahead of us…



On 28th May, Elke and Rosette committed themselves for life
to the congregation of the Sisters of Saint Andrew.

The celebration was filled with joy. We were joined by
the Brothers of Taizé and our friends from Ameugny and Taizé,
celebrating also the anniversary of 50 years of our presence on the hill.

In 1965, Mère Claire, the general superior, and her assistant Mère Marie-Tarcisius
had been to Taizé, and had come back saying:
"Taizé is becoming crucial for catholicity."

On Brother Rogers insistence - "You must come back!
We need the Sisters of Saint Andrew,
and the Sisters of Saint Andrew need us!"
- the sisters arrived temporarily, for three months, in the summer of 1966.

In September 1966, Mère Claire and Mère Marie-Tarcisius met with Cardinal Bea,
who told them : "Everything that you can do with the separated brethren, do it."
"Selling post cards for unity, that's something we can do,"
Mère Marie-Tarcisius replied.

Today, we can look on the path we have been on together
with gratitude and thanksgiving

"Looking back on these 50 years of life on the hill alongside you, we can see that you, the Brothers of Taizé, have entered into our history, revealing and carrying, without knowing it, a new way of seeing Christ, which has come to renew us from the inside.

The face of Christ shown to us by your witness is:

the universal Christ, brother of all, poor and humble of heart;

the Christ of the Beatitudes;

the Christ, leaven of peace and reconciliation;

the Christ without borders, the Christ, inner Master of every life.

The grace which you brought took us first of all to our source: welcoming pilgrims marked our most distant origins.

This same grace moved our borders This opening up has certainly rooted up more deeply in the universal heart of the Church. It has had repercussions on the whole apostolic body we form: everywhere, in very different contexts, our sisters receive the grace of loving the Church, one and plural.

This grace of Christ which you have brought has certainly helped to simplify us. It has been, and continues to be today, a "blessing"."

(Sr. Agnès, general superior)



"We are called to live beside the poor.
Here we try to live together
with our poverty."

Since September 2015, sr. Bep has been part of
the Poverello project in Brussels.