Apostolic Life

As sisters of Saint Andrew we are called and gathered together by Christ to be sent to "work in his vineyard."

His vineyard is the world in which he himself is at work.

Whatever her age or her ability, every sister receives a "mission" through which she associates herself with the very mission of Christ and participates in the apostolic commitment of the whole Congregation. 

Our activities are many, from services rendered within the heart of the Congregation to professional work carried out in places that have no direct connection with the Church:

giving retreats according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and individual spiritual accompaniment of young people and adults ...

teaching theology, liturgical and pastoral work, and formation in spirituality...

hospital, prison, and university chaplaincies...

pastoral care of young people, catechesis for children and adults; Christian Initiation ...

preventive medicine, health care, palliative care, work with those who have some form of disability, visiting the sick and the elderly, working with different associations...

There is no limit to the variety of areas where we are committed.

We work in order to live and to share: Everything we receive, such as salaries, donations, honorariums all go into the common fund. This in itself is an experience of freedom which places us on the path of evangelical poverty.

We often work in collaboration:

  • with the Jesuits, running retreats and conferences,
  • with the Brothers of Taizé, preparing together the international meetings,
  • with sisters of other congregations, and sometimes with other Christian traditions,
  • with work colleagues in the many places where we have commitments.

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